We @ DRE Motors

aim at revolutionising ways to build machines that leave a mark.

Our team of engineers aim at revolutionizing commute experience for urban mobility and provide innovation and technology-savvy vehicles for this generation.

Electric Vehicles

Powerful & smart green mobility

Hydrogen fuel Cell

Efficient & advanced power solution

our Vision

Innovate and develop cutting edge technology in battery, electrolyser and fuel cell systems


We are passionate about electric vehicles, and our profound technology knowledge strives to make carbon-free transportation not only affordable, but also accessible to everyone.


Our sophisticated electric vehicles have low TCO and provide emission-free conveyance.

Customer Satisfaction

We create vehicles that win the hearts of customers all over the globe. We always go o'er and beyond to bring to customers the most solicitous riding experience for everyday life.

Our Mission

Develop most effective, low cost and carbon-free mobility solutions to improve human quality of life


When considering an electric vehicle, one considers affordability, range, and battery life. Our vehicles are high-tech, emission-free automobiles that can glide through the distance. We are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicles around the world as research and development progresses.

We design, develop and manufacture battery-operated custom-made electric, two-wheelers, trucks, and buses.

Our engineers prioritise safety standards with international quality to manufacture best quality eco friendly vehicles

We ensure complete package which comprises quality, affordability and comfort.